About Me

I am the Mormon, the Jew, AND the Sikh of this blog’s tagline.  How I ended up with three faiths, when others often seem to have hardly time for one, is a rather long story.  Another long story is how I balance these faiths, to make mental sense of three competing, contradictory traditions and covenants.  And I could also tell you many stories about how I’ve learned to see G-d through all those traditions.

These stories aren’t finished, because they’ll last as long as I do, and probably longer as my Judeo-Mormon-Sikh children, grandchildren, great-grand children seek to make sense of G-d and their ancestors.  These stories won’t be finished as long as people keep looking for G-d in the stories their parents gave them.  And that search is why I am writing, and why you are reading.

Right now, I’m serving as a missionary for the LDS Church in India.  My weekly family e-mails are posted on this site by my wonderful younger sister.


2 Responses to “About Me”

  1. MaryEllen GARRETT Says:

    Hi! Elder Westwood!

    I like your Newsletter! Clever Title! Nice layout! I had not read your early letters, & was happy to catch up. I have a good map of India now. Thanks for your service!

    • ameriky Says:

      From Matt’s poster-of-posts: Glad you enjoyed reading the earlier letters. I’m glad we were finally able to make them available. Please help us spread the word that the blog is alive and well.

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