Dear Family & Friends:

Matt has sent short notes to different members of the family, so I’m summarizing what we’ve been able to learn about where he’s been and what he’s been doing.

In late September or early October he was transferred to the Bangalore First Branch, which is the branch the mission home is in. He filled in as financial secretary for the mission from that time until a new “senior couple” (a married couple in their later years of life who serve a mission together) arrived October 16. Matt trained the new brother in the mission financial systems, especially how to work the computer programs involved and then was transferred to the Bangalore Third Branch. This is the branch that his Aunt and her family lived in for two years and many people there also remember Matt’s grandparents when they were presidents of the mission 1993-1995. Matt’s companion and he get along very well. This elder was raised Methodist but felt something was missing. Like Joseph Smith he searched and searched, decided the truth couldn’t be found and stopped going to church entirely. Then he met the elders. The friends who referred him to the elders were and are still not terribly active in the gospel, but they were there to provide the link when it was necessary and this Elder is valiant in his testimony and mission.

Best wishes to all of you!! Thank you for your friendship and support.

Love, Vilo (Matt’s mom)


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