Glory to God on High

The hymn for this week is “Glory to God on High”. ion=1&searchseqstart=67&searchsubseqstart=%20&searchseqend=67&searchsubseq end=ZZZ The passage is Psalm 117.

Special news from this week. Today marks the beginning of my twelfth month as a full-time missionary. Last Thursday, Elder P., my MTC companion, arrived in India. He’s serving in Hyderabad, so I saw him Tuesday at district meeting.

It’s been a great week.

I’m sorry for not fitting more of the sights and sounds of India into my letters over the past nine months. The sight for this week is a pushcart full of bananas– the bananas are still on the stalk, and so it’s a group of banana towers, ranging through green and yellow. The cart is flat and rolls on four large wobbly wheels. When you make a purchase, the merchant slices a bundle of bananas off the stalk to weigh them.

The sound is a car backing up, and playing “Fur Elise”. It’s Elder A. who pointed out to me that all cars in India made a sound as they back up, usually a song. It’s Elder T. who asked me a few weeks back why 80% of them play ‘Fur Elise’. Is it representative of an Indian appreciation for classical music?

Almost every time I try to write this letter, I find that I’m almost completely at a loss as to how to capture or explain my daily life. I can’t find words to describe the joy of teaching the gospel, of saying something to someone and feeling the words coming from somewhere else, of sharing a scripture and hearing it take new meaning in the very moment it’s read. I can’t describe the normal fear of talking to whoever is sitting next to me on the bus, or how that fear goes away. I can’t explain how I keep getting up every morning, or how I’ve learned to expect in the past month that every day really can be better than the day before.

All I can say is what I say everyday, and what has never ceased to be amazing to me. I really do know that Jesus Christ is the Savior of the world. I really do know that He and His Father spoke to Joseph Smith. I know that God answers prayers, that coming to God and keeping his commandments is a way to a great peace and joy that overcomes the world. I know Christ is victorious over death. The Gospel of Jesus Christ frees us from chains of discouragement, confusion, grief and sin. It is life and light.

I’ll think this week about how to put my daily life into words, and how to put my testimony more firmly into acts.

I love you all,
Elder Westwood


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